Orange Chicken Recipe

The other day, I went out with couple friends to PF Chang. And we quite disappointed about the quality of it ( but maybe someone just like the crispy chicken with orange). The Orange chicken is way too heavy for us. (yea, it was a girls night out and we were concern about what we ate). Actually, orange chicken is … Continue reading

A sweet Treat- Chocolate Pumpkin Dim Sum

I do always love pumpkin and always have them to stand by at my kitchen. And, of course, Chocolate is a lovely sweet treat that children and adults are both in love with. I think this chocolate pumpkin dessert will be the perfect and cute dessert for children who don’t really like to taste of pumpkin! Also, They could be … Continue reading

Pumpkin Chocolate Desert Recipe


Do you guys have enough chocolate for Valentine’s day? Do you have tons of left over chocolates? You actually can use them to create something special! Here you can see, I made couple of small pumpkin Chocolate desserts! They are so cute and delicious! And, if you don’t like having pumpkin as a dessert, you can make it as an appetizer … Continue reading

Recipe – Valentine’s Day Dessert- Chocolate Strawberry Mousse


Do you think about what to do for the Valentine’s Day? Why don’t you make a perfect and sweet dessert to feed your lover? Get ready, this Chocolate Strawberry Mousse is easy to make and tastes fantastic! Let’s see what we need to prepare. Chocolate Mousse (20 pieces of 2oz dessert cups Ingredients: 2 large egg yolks 2.5 teaspoon of … Continue reading