Angry Bird Macaroons

I’m actually a huge fan of angry birds! and even collect all of the stuffed angry birds at home! Since I’m trying to make different cartoon macarons, making angry birds will be super fun and cute! Finally, I have some time to make them during the holiday break! I actually spent couple nights to make each of them and pretty … Continue reading

Cutest Holiday Gift: Rilakkuma Bear Macaron Lollipop

It’s official December now! I just keep thinking about what should I make for Christmas for days! Finally, I got this cutest idea: Making animal Macarons!!! So, the first animal is Rilakkuma Bear! (yea… I made different animals! keep watching my blog! rabbits are coming soon ) Tell me, who can resist eating these warm smile bears!!! I believe this  Rilakkuma Bear … Continue reading

Holiday Perfect Dessert – White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Last month, my younger brother came to San Francisco visiting and he fell in love with this dessert when I made it for him at our Thanksgiving dinner. He ate several pieces at the same night and had couple of it next day. Also, he bought this mousse cake for his friends and turned out everyone loved it! Of course … Continue reading