A quick update! Strawberry Puffs & Cocoa Meringue

Hello!!! I’ve really busy lately about the work and my new Bunny pets, Peachy & Stevie!

Are them adorable??!!! totally crazy about them now!

and I’ve made couple of new desserts for my friends couple of weeks before. I would love to share my recipe if anyone interested!

First if the strawberry puffs!

Strawberry puffs

I made them in a mini size! so people can eat one of them just in one bite!!! the custard cream is perfect for the summer!!!And you could switch any fruits that you like inside of the puffs!

The second one is Cocoa Meringue

I baked them in low temperature so they could stay in beautiful white color!! one think I love to make this is the wonderful cocoa smell while baking them!!! You will be surrounded with it for the entire afternoon! (if you bake in the afternoon ;D)

so, pretty much all of them!! please leave a comment if you love to know my recipe!


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