Angry Bird Macaroons

I’m actually a huge fan of angry birds! and even collect all of the stuffed angry birds at home! Since I’m trying to make different cartoon macarons, making angry birds will be super fun and cute! Finally, I have some time to make them during the holiday break! I actually spent couple nights to make each of them and pretty happy with these results! Are them too cute to be eaten?

To be honest, making them are not really difficult. You will have to draw a outline of each angry bird character. And, piping the batter on top of your outline paper.

Then, making royal icing is another key to successful. You can find the recipe HERE or Video.

Also, you could use these angry birds for decorations! either display them at the lollipop stand or put them on top of the cake or cupcake!

Tell me how do you think! and you can find my macaron receipt HERE!

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