Cute Easter Dessert Recipe – Rabbit Macaroon

easter macarons

Happy Easter!!! I’ve been thinking about making some desserts for this cute holiday! Bunny and colored egg style macarons will be a great matched for the party!! Your guests will fall in love with the essential springtime treats which are so cute with the perfect light and almond taste!!!

I’m going to share my recipe with you and hope you guys will have a wonderful holiday!

First, you could find my Macaron Recipe Here.

And you can pipe the batter into the egg shape or a bunny shape and bake.

photo (12)

Then, you could make the royal icing to decorate your macaron shells! You could find my Royal Icing Recipe HERE or Video.

royal icing

I use Wilton decoration tips no.2 and no.3 to draw the bunny face and the eggs. Get them HERE


Then you can put whatever fillings to fill your Macarons!! I made Italian egg white frosting for my filling! It tastes light and soft and will melt into your month just in 1 second! Then you will have to rush for the second one!

I will post the recipe later! but feel free to use butter frosting or jam instead!

Now, your cutest Easter Marcarcons are ready to rock your party!!!

easter desserts


Hope you have an awesome Easter!!!! See you soon!!

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