Cutest Holiday Gift: Rilakkuma Bear Macaron Lollipop

It’s official December now! I just keep thinking about what should I make for Christmas for days! Finally, I got this cutest idea: Making animal Macarons!!! So, the first animal is Rilakkuma Bear! (yea… I made different animals! keep watching my blog! rabbits are coming soon :D )

Tell me, who can resist eating these warm smile bears!!!

I believe this  Rilakkuma Bear Macaron will catch everyone’s heart! Perfect gifts for the holidays, specially for the kids! Like it? Let’s see how I make them.

First, you will have to make the bear macaron shells. Please check out my previous Marcaron Recipe post (HERE)

Only one difference is you will have to divide your egg white batter into 3 different colors: desired bear color, white color (month), and , yellow color (ear)

Then, squeezing out  the batter into the bear shape. To make the equal bear shapes, you can draw the bear shapes at a white paper and put it under the parchment baking sheet.) After finishing the bear shape, continue to pipe bear’s month and ear by using different colored batters.

Next, Let the piped bear shape macarons rest for 15 minutes. Then, you are ready to bake!

Decoration tips: 

1. For making the eyes, you can use the royal icing to draw eyes! ( royal icing recipe is HERE or Video)

2. You also can use colored royal icing to make the ear and mouth part if that is more easy for you.

After making the shell, you can start to work on your filling.

Macaron Filling: I use the Chocolate cream filling this time.


60g chopped Chocolate
15g heavy cream
10g butter


1. Put the chopped chocolate into the double boiler
2. Pour the heavy cream & butter into the melt chocolate
3. Put the chocolate batter into the pastry bag
4. Squeeze the batter at the back of Macaron shell.
5. Put the lollipop stick on top of the chocolate batter and place another shell on the top.
6. Let all macaron cool down for 10 mins, then you are ready to serve!

Are them super adorable?

You also could use lollipop bags and ribbons to decorate your macaron!

Or, putting them in a cute glasses cup, lollipop stand, or a gift box will make them a perfect, sweet, and fun gift!

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