Despicable Me Inspired Macaroon 卡通馬卡龍教學

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<p>I love Despicable Me Minions after watching the movie and so excited about Despicable Me 2 movie this summer! Also, I believe lots of kids will want to have a Despicable Me theme parties this summer to add the joy to the summer break! Hope this Inspired Macaron recipe would help you to host a cute little party!</p>
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For making this cute Minion Mcarons, you will have to make ellipse shape macaron shell. You can find my French Macaron Recipe HERE.

Ingredients you need to decorate your Macarons:

* Royal icing (White, Blue, and Brown colors)
If you have no time to prepare the royal icing, you could actually buy finished royal icing products from Wilton. (It comes with different colors as well)

* Liquid Pearl food coloring (get it HERE)


1. Use blue royal icing and decorating tip #3 to pipe Minion’s clothes.

2. Continue using tip # 3 to pipe Minion’s glasses with black royal icing.


3. Use white royal icing to fill out Minion’s eyes.


4. Use brown colored icing to create minion’s eye balls and mouths!


5. Last, use decorating tip # 8 to pipe the Italian cream filling and stick 2 decorating macarons together! ( You can use any filling you want!)

Then, we are done!!!! They are not only tasting good but also adorable cute! Do you want to have a bite?! Leave me a comment and then it’s your turn to make them at your home now!!!

Despicable minion Dessert Macaron Recipe

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