Halloween Dessert – Pumpkin Cupcake

It’s almost October! and I’m super exciting now!!! Just can’t stop thinking what am I going to make for the Halloween parties! So far, I already have couple ideas! ( I will continue to update them to here!) The first dessert I will make for Halloween is this super cute Pumpkin Cupcake!!

Let’s see what we need to prepare!

6 cupcakes or more.
Orange fondant 1/2 cup(get it HERE)
Brown fondant 1/4 cup (get it HERE)
Green fondant 1/6 cup (get it Here)
Gum Paste (get it HERE)
Butter Cream icing 1/2 cup (get it HERE)
Green gel food coloring (get itHERE)
No. 233 Decorating tip (get it HERE)
No. 4 Fondant tool (get it HERE)

Making the Fondant Pumpkin

Step 1. Mix 2:1 of white Gum paste & Orange fondant by stretching and folding. And, continue kneading gum paste until thoroughly blended into white.
Step 2. Roll out the colored fondant.
Step 3. Find a cookie cutter or fondant cutter to cut a desire size of your pumpkin. ( use cutter can help to have the equal size of pumpkins) it’s okay if you just cut it by knife.
Step 4. Roll the fondant into a small ball.
Step 5. Use No.4 of Gum paste tool to create the Pumpkin lines. (You can use toothpick to replace the tool)

Step 6. Use tiny cookie cutter or fondant cutter to cute several small even pieces of brown fondant.
Step 7. Elongate one end of the gum paste ball to form a tear drop shape.
Step 8. Roll out the green fondant and cut it into small rectangular.
Step 8. Put some gum paste gel into the orange pumpkin & insert the brown fondant and green fondant on top of it.
Step 9. Set aside until the fondant dries out. (around 30 mins to 1 hour)

Making the green grass icing

Step 1. 1/2 cup of ready to use icing
Step 2. Drop couple dips of green gel coloring into the icing
Step 3. Stir them together until the color is well blended.

Step 4. Put the green color icing into the decorating bag. (using tip 233 to create grass shape icing)
Step 5. Squeeze bag with light pressure & pipe a circle of tip 233 pull out shaggy petals on top of cupcakes

When you have your grass cupcakes ready, you can put your little pumpkins on top of these cupcakes!!
Of course, you can choose different cupcake cups to have different looks!

My cupcake is vanilla flavor, I think baking a pumpkin spicy flavor will be more fun for this cupcakes! (I will do that for Halloween party!!)
What are you going to make for Halloween? Share with me!!! XOXO


One thought on “Halloween Dessert – Pumpkin Cupcake

  1. You are so talented! I think that decorating class really taught you a lot of useful things. I can’t wait to see more.

    I’m really mad that wordpress didn’t notify me of your new posts. :(

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