Hello Kitty Macaroon Recipe

I think this dessert is the combination of my favorite Kitty & Macaron!

They look super cute when you display them just on the table!

I used royal icing to create kitty’s face! It’s a little bit time consuming project but the result is awesome! Of course, you can use colored pens to draw the face. But you won’t have 3D effect as royal icing could achieve.

Also, I used ITALIAN STRAWBERRY CREAM FILLING this time. Because somehow I believe strawberry will be super matched for this kitty macaron. And, I have to tell you “YES, I’m right about this!” This one tastes super good!

If you are planing to make some, you can find my previous macaron recipe HERE

The only thing you will have to notice is piping the Hello Kitty Shape. Be careful about this part!! You could just draw a kitty face on the top of your parchment paper. And face down the paper. Then, you could be able to pipe your batter following the shape you drew.

After creating the Kitty Macaron shape, you could colored your royal icing to draw the face. (Royal icing recipe HERE) or just buy food colored pens to create kitty face!

I really love the result! and I’m going to make more with different colors next time!

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