Monster University Macaroon lollipop Tutorial 馬卡龍蛋糕教學

Monster University Dessert

Summer is almost over and I finally found time to make another cartoon Macaron for one of the most popular movies in the summer, Monster University! (I made Despicable me Macaron at my previous post (HERE)).

Those cute little macarons are perfect for hosting a little party at school or birthday! Let me show you how I made these Monster U macarons in the video!

For those people who want to see the written recipe, you can find my detail French Macaron recipe instruction down here:

Almond powder:45 g
Powder suger:45g
1 egg white (around 35g)
Salt: 5g
Food color gel
Food flavoring powder 5g

Before You Bake

Draw outline of your cartoon characters on a large sheet or paper.
You could download the outline of Monster University Mike (HERE) or James (HERE)

Step 1: Sift the almond flour and powdered sugar. And add the food flavor powder and salt into the mixture.

Step 2: With the wire whip attachment on the electric mixer, beat the eg whites with the salt. Starting slowly and then increasing speed as the whites start to rise. Beat the eg whites form stiff.

Step 3:Pour the beaten eg whites onto your almond flour mixture and gently fold them in.

Step 4: Fit your pastry bag with a number 8 tip and fill with batter.

Step 5: Put the outline sheet under the parchment sheet and squeezing out the batter by following the outline sheet.

Step 6: Let the piped macarons rest for 15 minutes.

Step 7: Pre-heated oven to 390F.

Step 8: Turn off the oven and put the macarons in. Bake macaron for 6 mins.

Step 9: Turn on the oven to 250F and bake it for 12 mins.

Step 10: Turn off the oven and let macarons stay at oven for 8-9 mins.

Step 11. Take out the macarons and let them cool completely on a rack before taking them off the parchment paper.

Monster University Macaron

And you could find “How to decorate the Monster University Macaron” video (HERE)

After finished decorating the macarons, you could use them as very unique cake/cupcake decorations as well!!!

Monster University Cake

Let me know if you want my very delicious chocolate cake recipe!!! :D

Monster University Cake and dessert

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