Pumpkin Chocolate Desert Recipe

Pumpkin Chocolate Dim Sum

Do you guys have enough chocolate for Valentine’s day? Do you have tons of left over chocolates? You actually can use them to create something special!

Here you can see, I made couple of small pumpkin Chocolate desserts! They are so cute and delicious! And, if you don’t like having pumpkin as a dessert, you can make it as an appetizer with meat!

Do they just look so cute and delicious? Let me show you how to make them!

Chocolate Flavor Ingredients: (makes 20 small dim sum)

600g Pumpkin
600g Glutinous Rice Flour
250g Wheat Starch
300g baking chocolate chips

Step 1: Cut Pumpkin into cubes and put them into the microwave. Cook them for 5 mins.

Step 2: Press the cooked pumpkin into paste.

Step 3: Put the glutinous rice flour & Wheat Starch into the pumpkin paste. Mix them together.

Step 4: Blend the pumpkin paste and flour until it becomes solid and not sticky.

Step 5: Cut the mixture into the small pieces

Step 6: Press the small pieces mixtures into the flat circles

Step 7: Put the chocolate chips into the flat circle mixture.

Step 8: Close the the chocolate chips with circle mixture.

Step 9: Cut the Pumpkin skin into the small rectangle to make the pumpkin stem. Then, use the Clean hair pin to create the pumpkin shape.

Step 10: Now you are ready to cook your Pumpkin balls. You either can steam them or fry them.

I think steam the pumpkin dessert is a healthy way to cook this dish!

You can steam them for 10 mins for fry them until the color becomes dark and skin turns crispy.

Finally, I think this dessert is kind of easy to cook. The only technique that you need is to blend the mixture evenly. (and if you know how to make the pasta, then you are ready to go!)

Hope you guys enjoy this Sweet & cute dessert!

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