Strawberry Daifuku Mochi Recipe


Strawberry Mochi is the cute Japanese dessert. It looks delicate and perfect for treating the guests!

Specially, it is Super easy to make!!! Actually, the most complicated part is making the sweet bean paste. But, you actually can get the sweet bean paste at some Japanese or Chinese grocery stores. You actually can get it at Amazon:Welpac Sweetened Red Bean Paste

With red bean paste on the hand, you actually only need 15 minutes to finish your Japanese Mochi!!! Is it amazing?!

So let’s get it stared! My recipe can make 4 Mochi.



(1 cup) 250ml of milk ( milk can make your mochi skin smell so good! if you don’t like milk, you can switch to WATER)

Note: the water(milk) : Sweet rice flour will be 1:1 

1 can of red bean paste – optional (you actually can make this by your own, I will post the recipe next time)

Whole strawberries, rinsed and hulled


1. Wrap the strawberries in red bean paste. It will look like this: (from

2. Mix the milk ( water)  and sweet rice powder until smooth.

3. Put step 2 into the microwave, cook it for 3-4 minutes on High until it becomes solid. (from

4. Put some water to your spoon and start to blend it ( put the water or oil at your spoon can avoid the dough stick on the spoon)

5. Microwave some sweet rice powder alone for 1 mins, then put some powder on your hand. ( avoid the dough stick on your hands)

6. Speared the dough into small species and then roll it into a ball, and flatten down.

7. Now you can wrap your step 1 with the flatten dough. (remember use lots of microwaved sweet rice powder on the hand and on the the dough to avoid dough stick on anything).

8. If you cannot close the dough with your red bean paste wrapped strawberry perfectly, you actually can put it to a cup cake wrapper quickly after you closed the mochi skin. Then the Mochi will looks good after 2 mins. ( the mochi skin will stick together after you put it into the wrapper).  You can get the cup cake wrapper here : Cupcake Wrapper

9. Finally, you can have your perfect Strawberry Mochi!!

And it is really tasty!!!!

One thought on “Strawberry Daifuku Mochi Recipe

  1. I love your blog! I suspect I might be spending my free time here…so keep on blogging! except for the strawberries I don’t have any clue what the rest of the ingredients might look and taste like. I’m so curious now. Can you actually taste the beans?

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