Wilton Cake Decorating Class, Course 1 Review

Hey girls, I actually took the cake decorating class at Michael’s last 2 weeks and I found out it was super fun!!!

I think most of my followers know that I LOVE baking!! So, I think learning a little bit cake decorating will be fun and could add more cute stuffs to my desserts & posts as well.

Also, I believe lots of people (who bake) have heard about Wilton! Wilton is a company that has Tuns of baking stuffs for bakers! You basically could find anything related to baking from Wilton product lines! So, that is why I’m choosing to take Wilton Cake Decorating Class!

More Class information:

Wilton divides this classes into 4 courses! Each of course has 4 classes that is 2 hours long!

Now, I’m going to share with you my class experience!

Course 1, class 1: Decorating Basics

The things you have to prepare:

1. Course 1 decorating kit

2. Ready to use icing (HERE)
3. Icing colors (HERE

3. Plain flat cookies

At the first class, the instructor will give you a course 1 book!

And then, he/she will teach you how to use decorating bags, tips, making icing, and other basic decorating tips! ( I think this information is super useful!!)

Finally, she/he will ask you to decorate your plain cookies by using the decorating techniques she/he just taught!

Course 1, Class 2

In this class, you have to bake your own cake!! Then, you will learn how to icing your 8″ circle cake! I baked a 9″ cake since I don’t have 8″ cake pan.

My idea was making a Mickey Mouse icing cake & I made it!

I gave this cake to my friend’s twin kids! They were super happy & screaming when they saw Mickey on a cake! haha

Class 3,

We need to decorate 6 cup cakes!

Mine are a little bit weird! lol Because I was so rush to go home that day!

Fun? I think class 4 is the funnest class!!!! Let me show you at my next post!!!

5 thoughts on “Wilton Cake Decorating Class, Course 1 Review

  1. I took this class too, a couple of year ago, with my mom. It was so fun as well! I’m glad you enjoyed it; are you planning on making any more cakes/cupcakes/cookies?

    • Yes we’ve made several decorated cakes for birthdays and whatnot :) My favourite was the rainbow cake I once made! It’s so tempting to cook all the time once you get into it, right? You should upload the picture of your cake sometime! I’m sure it looks lovely. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Very well done, interesting not sure I fully understand but happy I found this site. I have just started to study in the England. My name, Anna is identical in English and Russian. I am a bit bored so I am surfing the net; making cupcakes and doing Zumba classes to make new acquaintances in UK.

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